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Head of operations is LuciA Arrigucci, who has a 20 years track record of bringing products to the market and creating businesses from scratch, working with big corporations as well as SME, start-ups and scale-ups. All partners in this network have a track record of working with real products. You will not receive lectures but real, solid, hand-on support to make your idea, concept or product into something that can be sold.

This is what you can expect.

So Much Extra Value

  • First Meeting, Briefing, Counter-briefing, Offer, it all come free of charge and non-binding.
  • Coaching, Transfer of Knowledge, Sharing of network, all come on top.
  • We adjust the offer to smaller, restricted budget, for example in case of start-ups, feel free to ask for more details.
  • We practise a non-written policy called “peace of mind” that protect you from unexpected extra costs, feel free to ask for more details.
  • You pay for what you get, in the price tag there is no the usual fixed costs to cover in a agency or studio, that is why we work in network.
  • Continuous bridging of ideas, synergies and solutions among sectors.
  • We share our network.

Turn-Key delivery or Coaching through

  • We project-manage all the operations within the agreed timeline.
  • All is under one roof.
  • You decide your and your team´s level of involvement.

No-nonsense, pragmatic, sharing and transparent approach

  • Presentations of max 5 pages.
  • We use simple words.
  • Lean decision making.
  • Easy, quick transition between strategic thinking and operations.


  • We have a track record in several areas of expertise, including both the private sector and academia.
  • We equally work with small, medium, and large enterprises. We have experience with start-ups, scale-ups and we are investors ourselves.

Good Mood

  • We are usually aiming at top diversity in the team we create which makes for unexpected solutions and an inclusive, fun working atmosphere.

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