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This is how we work

This is our business model

“We work on a network, no hiring. Leadership and fun is what attracts and retains professionals working with me, so our third party partners will have to pay nothing towards fixed costs.
We work in partnership with a vast network of professionals specialized in every steps of the Productization pipeline. Professionals in this hub have their own pipeline of work ongoing so they bring an always updated competence to the table at no costs for our clients and partners.
This way we keep the company as agile and small as possible and its costs down.
My product development/innovation management style is based on no-nonsense approach, complete personalization of the service and keeping a low profile.
Sustainability is embedded in our decision making.
I actively work with 5, 8, 10 and 12 global goals.” LuciA A

Welcome for enquiry

This is what to expect

So Much Extra Value

  • First Meeting, Briefing, Counter-briefing, Offer, it all come free of charge and non-binding.
  • Coaching, Transfer of Knowledge, Sharing of network, all come on top.
  • We adjust the offer to smaller, restricted budget, for example in case of start-ups, feel free to ask for more details.
  • We practize a non-written policy called “peace of mind” that protect you from unexpected extra costs, feel free to ask for more details.
  • You pay for what you get, in the price tag there is no the usual fixed costs to cover in a agency or studio, that is why we work in network.
  • Continuous bridging of ideas, synergies and solutions among sectors.
  • We share our network.

Turn-Key delivery or Coaching through

  • We project-manage all the operations within the agreed timeline.
  • All is under one roof.
  • You decide your and your team´s level of involvement.

No-nonsense, pragmatic, sharing and transparent approach

  • Presentations of max 5 pages.
  • We use simple words.
  • Lean decision making.
  • Easy, quick transition between strategic thinking and operations.


  • We have a track record in several areas of expertise, including both the private sector and academia.
  • We equally work with small, medium, and large enterprises. We have experience with start-ups, scale-ups and we are investors ourselves.

Good Mood

  • We are usually aiming at top diversity in the team we create which makes for unexpected solutions and an inclusive, fun working atmosphere.

This is how to choose your  Next Step

We work with different partners: small, medium and big enterprises and with businesses at different levels of maturity.

We share our experience and competence in the way that best suits your business needs:

  • Consultancy within framed assignments: we agree to deliver towards one or multiple tasks within the above offer. Deliverables, delivery time and resources needed are decided before the project starts.
  • Consultancy subscription: we work within the frame of your company a recurrent number of hours per week/month.
  • Interim role: we take an active role in your organization to drive operations forward from within, tapping from internal resources and blending into existing processes.
  • Deal-making: we make happens what your business needs, retroactively charging a success fee.

Feel free to call for a first informal meeting make contact now.