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Who you are

Whether you are:

  • Start up, scale up or establish firm
  • Innovation driven firm or branch/department
  • Branch/department in process of change
  • Inventor
  • Solopreneur

You are operating within:

  • Durable goods
  • Whitegoods
  • Technology laden products including OEM
  • Furniture and Homeware Indoor/Outdoor/Public use

And you are looking for:

  • More volumes, margins, profiling or a mix of the 3
  • Make an idea, a service or an item into a product that can be sold
  • Enter or establish into a market with existing or new products
  • Make your business more efficient through new synergies, processes and partnerships with innovation-savvy skilled professionals

Who we are

This is a one person company that works in network with the best professionals in the market.

Head of operations is LuciA Arrigucci, who has a 20 years track record of bringing products to the market and creating businesses from scratch, working with big corporations as well as SME, start-ups and scale-ups.

All partners contributing to this innovation hub have a track record of working with real products that reached the market and they are specialized in every steps of the Productization pipeline.

Founded in 2015, Arrigucci of Sweden has been operating globally since, supporting big corporations and small firms bringing Innovation to the market. All profit has been reinvested into Innovation and Sustainability driven companies within the Öresund Region.

LuciA Arrigucci´s articles and portfolios.

Clients and Partners