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Working on a project delivering the post-pandemic office to Plant Vision AB, I used some 50 + suppliers of services and products. One was By Faux. I learned their range by being their client. I loved it and also saw room for improvement. This resulted in a collaboration where then it was Arrigucci of Sweden the supplier to By Faux. We delivered Range strategy and action plan, focus on Marcomms, Product Development and Go to Market.
The Briefing was to move the office in a new location, to help with the move. Of course it goes quicker if one has a concept. we then created the Post Pandemic Office for PlantVision: concept development, design and implementation of the new facilities based on zero waste concept. 50+ suppliers involved. The office now sits in the Iconic Elite Ideon Hotel at the Medicon Village, Lund.
Some sort of COO was needed to move the premises from a remote location to the heart of Malmö in an area where no building was in place. The project comprised a warehouse upgrade. Concept development, design and project management of the new facilities including warehouse, Showroom, conference room and Staff areas, outdoor and indoor. Coaching.

Internal Communications: strategy, action plan and implementation
Projects: Framing of the operations. Coaching.

Mikael was never making time for fika becuase he said he was too busy. I then asked if I could help making him less busy. We delivered the Interface of OEM, an ozone generator, by providing some Industrial Design. there was some budget left and worked on the corporate Image by refreshing and redesigning the Logotype.
In time of change on needs someone from outside to look at the business with fresh eyes and set the course for the coming few years. Business Development:  strategy, action plan and implementation
External communication: assessment, strategy, action plan and implementation of a set of tools to externally communicate services, including Digital Marketing.
Frankly and Howl Studio (now Above)  

This work ended up in Frankly and Howl merging, diversifing and opening the first branch in China. Throughout Business Strategy. Main contributions:

  • SWOT
  • Business plan
  • Action plan
  • Identification of new product areas
  • Sourcing of training
  • Introduction to Mega-trends
Arc Aroma Pure AB  now Opticept

Management of commissioning and test operations of an early stage product installed at an end-user and partners. Main contributions:

  • Operational leadership
  • Analysis of production data
  • Support to the leadership
  • Spare parts strategy
  • Service strategy
OLIVECEPT® now Opticept

Distribution and Sales. Main contributions:

  • Strategic leadership
  • Creation of the first end-user customer base
  • Creation of the first distribution base
  • Support to the management
Chalmers University of Technology and partners paper mills

Bridging between Academia and Industry and Strategy with Operations. Low Energy Strategic Systems (LESS) is a partly public funded research and innovation project aiming to dramatically decrease the electrical energy usage in the pulp and paper industry. Main contributions:

  • Planning installation and commissioning at the participating end-users of the project
  • Assisting the research team to coordinate the different sub projects
Creation of a business marketing plan for an innovative state-of-the-art application producing green electrical energy in the heat and power industry segment. Main contributions:

  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Identifying the competitive edge
Business creation:

  • Identification of a market opportunity
  • Range strategy and implementation
  • Supply base strategy and implementation
  • Research into specific product areas
  • Implementation of internal and external communications
  • Media strategy and implementation
Business creation. Relaunch of a business based upon a consolidated innovation of a process developed by us 20 years ago. Sole distributor Alessandro Bongi Equilibrium:

  • Identification of a market opportunity
  • Range strategy and implementation
  • Retail base strategy and implementation
  • Research into specific product areas